Orphaned Earring Story


Purchase an NFT to share your own orphaned earring story with the society. The author of the most popular story gets the opportunity to meet Michelle Phillips and win her orphaned earring

Each story will become an NFT to live forever on the blockchain and potentially be published in the Orphaned Earring Society book when the campaign is complete. The community would love to hear how you lost your earring and what that earring meant to you. 

In appreciation of your support, all community voters receive exclusive community privileges.

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Orphaned Earring Society NFT Benefits

As for the story of this lost earring, I can only say that it disappeared quietly and I don’t even remember how I lost it.  Which sadly happens too often in life.


Oh, I do have wonderful stories about events with celebrity dates where I did find my lost earring outside my front door the morning after we shared a goodnight kiss…but you’ll have to join our Society to hear more details about stories like that. 


As a member of the Lost Earring Society, you can share you own story about how you lost your earring.  And I look forward to having lunch in Los Angeles and giving this earring away to the person who gets the most votes for his or her story about their Lost Earring. – Michelle Phillips


Thank you again for you interest and I hope you join our Society so I can meet you via Zoom for one of our scheduled Zoom calls between members. – Michelle Phillips


Benefits include:

Join The Society: Each Orphaned Earring NFT allows you to submit one story. Each voting NFT gets you one vote. The Orphaned Earring Community will decide which story is the best! Michelle will do a special 30 min private zoom w/ community members. Learn more.

Win a Unique Experience: The top-voted story gets the opportunity to connect with Michelle Phillips and others in person to receive a one-of-a-kind gift!

Have Your Story Live on Forever: At the end of the campaign, all submissions will be converted to live forever on the blockchain. All stories submitted could also be published in the Orphaned Earring Society book!

Help Make a Difference: A percentage of each Orphaned Earring NFT proceeds will go towards the celebrity’s favorite charity.!